Thank you for visiting my photography portfolio website.  
Ever since I was a kid, I've been in love with photography.  While at Needham High School, in the suburbs of Boston, MA, I learned how to work with an SLR camera, shooting and developing 35mm black and white film, and using an enlarger to make prints.  In 2001 I moved to Burlington, VT, to attend Champlain College and earn a degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design.  While in school I worked at a photo lab, making prints and processing negatives for customers.  My passion for photography changed with my growing experience in graphic design, and my skills at manipulating digital images expanded, including digital video editing.

I graduated from college in 2005, and have spent the years since working in a variety of industries, all tying back around to imaging.  I started my change over from film to digital soon after finishing college, but those fundamentals of understanding how light works in the medium still instruct how I compose and prepare for my photography today.  I have shot weddings, worked as a product photographer, a photo editor, and portrait photographer.  I currently work at Newtonville Camera, in Newton, MA, selling new and used camera equipment.  This job, which I've been at since later 2012, involves being an expert on the latest photography equipment, providing customers with advice and instructions on how to get the most out of their gear.  I'm also the store's used equipment coordinator, putting me specifically in charge of managing the 2nd hand cameras, lenses, and other accessories we have bought from customers.  

Where as a young kid I primarily shot nature photos, idealizing the likes of Ansel Adams, I have grown to appreciate a wide swath of styles and genres.  Today I shoot a lot of street photography, macro, portraits, cars, events, live performances, and sports.  For that last category, I shoot almost exclusively climbing competitions, mostly hosted by local gyms in my area.  I began bouldering in 2013, and it has become a small obsession of mine and my friends'.  

In addition to design and photography, I enjoy reading, politics, art, film, and rock climbing.
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